Happy Belated Holidays

Hello dear readers.

My apologies for my somewhat prolonged absence. After our IVF cycle I took a break to celebrate the holidays and my birthday (I’m 28 now).

I hope you all had enjoyable holidays! I typically don’t enjoy this time of year very much, but this year was low-key and cozy despite it being a hard time for us. We got to spend time with family & friends and it was really special. NYE was especially nice as it involved sweat pants, snacks, and trivia. Though, I have to admit, I went to sleep right after my midnight kiss. I guess I’m getting old 😉

I know many of you have been wondering about the results of our IVF cycle. Unfortunately, it did not result in pregnancy. We weren’t surprised given the complications I experienced post-retrieval, and though we were sad we weren’t devastated.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing about what happens when “fresh” IVF fails & the next steps in our treatment. We only ask that you please respect what privacy we can maintain. Be assured that we will share any future news (whether good or bad) on our own timeline. Asking on social media if we’re pregnant or asking our family for details isn’t acceptable. I apologize if this sounds harsh, as it’s not meant to be — but rest easy that you will know any important information when we’re ready to share. In the mean time, sit tight and we’ll update you as we go!

As always, we’re eager to share our journey with you and ever grateful for all the love and support you give us daily!


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